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Another great letter from a happy customer! - "Dear Sani-Seal, Just wanted to thank you for your awesome product! Long story short our toilet was leaking and we couldn't find a wax ring big enough for our 7" across 5" hole soldered toilet flange (Home is from the 1920's). The biggest wax ring we could find was 5-1/4 inches across making our hole sealed by only 1/8" on each side of the hole. After scouring the internet for bigger wax rings we thought we would have to replace the flange which was in good shape to a more modern size. While watching a video on the internet Richard from This Old House used a Sani-Seal! We went directly to your site to see where we could buy one. Due to the Sani-Seal design it covered our old school flange! No more leak! P.S. While we were searching the internet we found others experiencing our same situation. Thank you for a wonderful product! - Adam & Josie, USA" Photos from their installation: toilet seal repair
"Very easy to install. Something that a first time user can easily do. The Sani Seal has been leak free." - Peter S., USA
"It's working great. And so much less mess and fuss than the traditional solutions." - Stephen F., USA
"I installed one here at the house and one in a tavern restroom that had a toilet that rocks slightly. The one installed here at the house was a test which seems to be working very well. In the case of the tavern restroom it made the job much easier in the cramped confines of that small stall." - Gary J., USA

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The Sani Seal won "Retailer's Choice" Award at the 2011 National Hardware Show

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"…The Retailers' Choice Awards program recognizes the top products each year that demonstrate strong sales potential at retail," said Scott Wright, NRHA's vice president of member services. "The award also creates a strong bond between retailers and manufacturers due to the fact that retailers choose the winners." - North American Retail Hardware Association

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Works great, inexpensive, and great support by staff!! We needed to replace a leaking seal and found this product online. After interacting with the support person (James) online, we decided to give it a try. After purchasing the product and beginning the installation, we discovered the Flange was too high, so James talked us through the simple fix (he even called a local hardware store to confirm they had the product we needed). We got that simple fix in place and the Sani Seal worked great. So far so good with no problems. We would definitely recommend this product, it is simple to install, is inexpensive, and you get great installation support. That's not common in today's world. Thanks Sani Seal!!!" - Melissa L., USA
One grateful customer was so impressed as to write Home Depot recommending our product! - "Hi Evelyn (@Home Depot), Thanks for your information on the phone today. HD should carry this product, Sani-Seal Gasket. It is a waxless seal for a toilet that is easy to install. I have no business interest in this company. I called them because a friend mentioned them and I was repairing a toilet on my property. The owner, Joe, answered all my questions. When I got the gasket, it installed very quickly and easily. No messy wax or oops of setting the bowl down wrong and having to redo it with a 2nd wax ring. I have never ever installed a toilet before. This gasket made it easy to do. The toilet does not leak. The seal is there and will keep even in the hot temps we get here in SoCal. If a 54 year old woman can install a toilet with this gasket in 30 min then anyone can do this. I have a plumber's estimate of replacing the flange and seal for $450, knocked down from $600. In real life, it took all of 10 minutes to remove the old ABS flange, 10 minutes to glue and screw in the new flange, 10 minutes to seat the SaniSeal gasket and set the toilet down. Thank you again," Here is a photo of her clean installation: toilet seal repair - Jan M., California, USA
"I recently purchased and installed your Sani Seal. I am a small woman with a little do it yourself knowledge and impressed my husband by repairing the leak in our toilet. It was as easy as you said and seems to work purfectly. I can't thank you enough you saved me a few hundred dollars because I didn't need a plumber. I personaly think this product has revolutionized toilet installation and this will replace all wax and waxless gaskets. You need to get into the large chain hardware stores like, Lowes, Home Depot or Ace. I'm even thinking of writing to these establishments myself to let them know how great it is and they should start carrying them. Thank You once again," - Constance K., USA
"… The Sani Seal Toilet Gasket testers have only had the product for about a week and responses are already coming in. I'm happy to report that it's currently testing at a 100% approval rating based on 25 responses!!! Here are a few comments from the testers: 1. "I would have to say that I was kind of skeptical at first, but the Sani Seal was extremely easy to install. And so far it seems to be working as well as the wax ring. All in all I would have to say that this is one of those products that is worth trying." 2. "I recommend this product because its wax free so you dont have to deal with the mess on ur hands. Also it was easy to install and the material that it is made out of is very durable and seems that it will last forever. It is nice to have something installed that wont leak and last a lifetime." 3. "In the last week i had to set 4 water closets. in one i had to set it twice to get it to set right. it cost me two wax rings. on one i used your new flange on similar tile floor it worked perfect. thanks if available i will us them again." 4. "Much easier to put into place and so far it is very effective." 5. "This is a much anticipated product. No more messing with wax rings. The ability of this product to hold the closet bolts upright is a big plus. If you need to reposition the toliet bowl you can do so without ruining the ring as this always happens with wax rings. Good product, good seal." 6. "It is nice to be able to remove the toilet as many times as needed and not have to mess with the wax rings and the mess they leave. I really like this product, we will see how long it lasts but seems to be built well." 7. "Compared to the other waxless gaskets on the market, this one is the simplest and easiest to use. The need to not remove all of the old wax off completely is a great feature and one that has had me replace a new wax seal that leaked." 8. "This Sani Seal Toilet Gasket is so easy to use and keeps your hands free of the sticky wax that the other gaskets need." Best regards," - Ross Tanner, Product Test Editor, HANDY & Gardening How-To, Handyman Club of America
"This waxless toilet gasket was extremely easy to install and appears to make a great seal. I really like that there's no mess. I installed one in a customer's home about 2 weeks ago and so far no call back. I purchased the Sani Seal specifically for this homeowner because of a water leak problem that keeps coming back despite 2 new wax seals, a new tile floor, and a new toilet. Compared to the other waxless gaskets available, this one is the simplest and easiest and does not use an adhesive. You can install it with an old toilet without having to super clean all the wax off. I'm definitely going to use more of these." - Fritz Wang, Jamestown, NC
"I was searching the internet for a solution to use on a heated floor. I liked the Sani Seal Toilet Gasket because you could set the toilet down on the seal and then remove it without damaging the seal. I think the Sani Seal is a VERY good choice if you have a crooked floor because it would allow you to set your shims just right before you tighten the bolts." - Martin L., Canada